So, I guess that means you’re officially part of our town now.


tv show idea: “breaking good”

a murderous drug lord is miraculously cured of cancer and decides to turn his life around. he uses his extensive knowledge of meth cookery to become a chemistry teacher and help young people discover the wonder of science

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i need some new music to listen to

→ favourite am tour posters

cuz-im-awesome asked: Rory/Lorelai or Luke/Jess


do you ever just stop and think about your obsession with something and say to yourself “oh man, i’m in too deep

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"Turner is frequently hailed as the most brilliant lyricist of his generation – the heir to Dylan, Lennon or Cohen – and it is certainly true that he is careful with words. Turner is so profoundly aware of the need to express himself with precision that it occasionally seems to leave him vocally hamstrung. He stops himself, retraces his steps, leaves long gaps while searching for exactly the right metaphor."

The type of kisses where teeth collide

When she laughs, the heavens hum a stun-gun lullaby.

[1/5] pilots - GILMORE GIRLS

people are particularly stupid today, i can’t talk to any more of them.

Luke Danes Quotes [Requested by Anonymous]