pepperspotterybarn asked: season one or season two of the oc?

welcome to the dark side.

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its hard to get around the wind* i can’t even type the anme of the song

its hard to get around wtih rainy mood….

freddie isn’t really problematic though

lol well i was trying to be somewhat funny

but i think he’s still holding on to a lot of older ideas about women (or that women were supposed to have at that time) like when he kept wanting to market the product in terms of women getting married

and this isn’t rooted in sexism i dont think so not Problematic but more in that he hasn’t been around to see peggy ascend but he was dismissive of her ideas which was sad to see

but hes super nice and im glad to see him back!! and i liked seeing peggy confide in him about not wanting to be lonely 

Track Title: It's hard to get around the wind (Rainy Mood)

Artist: Alex Turner


and even if you know
the way it’s gonna blow, 
it’s hard to get around the wind 

also freddie rumsen….is peggy’s problematic fave

me to peggy’s new boyfriend: you’re not pete campbell

How I clean my room:


•start at one corner
•find something from 5 years ago and stare at it nostalgically for 10 hours
•go to bed

"I’ve been thinking about everything that’s going on. And I thought, who would care if I was gone? I mean, Trudy would care, but she doesn’t know me. But you do, and I know you. And I think you’re perfect.


First time through the series I loved Dean blindly and hated Jess on principle. I continued to love Dean until he cheated on his wife. I continued to hate Jess until he walked through the elder Gilmore’s gate at the exact point Rory desperately needed him…though never in a million years (at that…

this is so well written!!! i agree with all of your points!!!

Ahhh I’ll message you about this episode later it’s my fave

sounds good!! im gonna be sitting here in shock and awe for the next five years probably

alright mad men season 3 finale lots of thoughts ill make this as coherent as possible

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peggy and pete sharing a desk…..